Essential Moving Supplies To Streamline Your Move

Essential Moving Supplies To Streamline Your Move

Chances are if you’re moving — whether it be across town across the state — you’re focusing on many important tasks all at once: changing your address, paying your final bills, and of course, packing. It’s natural to procrastinate on packing, especially if you don’t have the right equipment, but Gorilla Movers experts can help! Get started with our essential moving supplies and purchase exactly what you need online.


Your immediate go-to packing essential is a box — or rather, several boxes, all of varying sizes to accommodate all your items. Gorilla Movers offers packing boxes specifically designed for each area of your home or apartment. Keep your clothes smooth and wrinkle-free with a wardrobe box, capable of hanging your shirts, pants and dresses as if they were still in your closet. Reduce your risk of breaking all your plates with our sturdy Disk Pack Box, with cells fitting all your dishware. We also offer small, medium and large boxes fitting a culmination of miscellaneous items.


One of the largest items you'll ever have to move is your bed. But while the frame itself can sit inside of a moving truck just fine, it’s unsanitary to store your mattress without the proper protection. A Mattress Bag tailored to fit your bed’s size (twin, full, queen & king) is essential for keeping it clean and safe to sleep on; it also prevents stains and damage that can occur during the moving process. Your mattress shouldn’t be something you remove from your old apartment or home without a strong protective storage covering; this is ideal for both short-term moves and long-term storage. Protect yourself and your family from possible illnesses and dangers with a heavy duty mattress bag.


At this point, you’ve packed up everything you can into boxes and you’re left with larger furniture and appliances. This is where our next moving essential comes in: stretch film. This is something you may recognize from warehouses, but it is perfect for residential moving use. This type of plastic film can tightly bind several non-breakable, bully items together; this makes them easier to move as one entire unit. Wrap it around your smaller boxes to carry them all at the same time, thus reducing the number of trips to and from the moving truck and your new front door. As a bonus, stretch film provides an additional level of protection from scratches and scrapes.


When it comes to moving your sofa, table and chairs, desk and dresser, it’s important to make sure they aren’t damaged during the process. Usually, this is where your typical moving blankets come in, but at Gorilla Movers, we have a far better option: our blue pads. Instead of sacrificing your own blankets and risking getting them dirty and ruined, use our specialized blue pads; each one is designed to protect your furniture with a thick layer of material. These prevent your expensive and valuable furniture from being scraped, bumped or broken as they ride in the back of a moving truck or trailer. Your family or friends can reuse these time and time again.


A key aspect of moving is to ensure you have the right equipment, and Gorilla Movers is dedicated to servicing all your moving supply needs. While we offer as many individual items as you need, we also have several pre-made moving kits. These kits provide you with enough boxes, packing paper, tape and sharpies for 1-2 bedrooms, 3-4 bedrooms, and 4+ bedrooms. Browse our online selections today, and let us help you simplify your moving process!