4 Ways to Prepare for Your Move

Moving to a new home can be an exciting experience! However, the details of a move, like packing up your old home and coordinating moving vehicles can be a daunting and mundane task. When planning for your move, two questions come into most peoples’ minds: when and where to start. At Gorilla Movers, we’re here to help our customers make the moving process as smooth as possible, so we’ve put together a few tips on how to prepare for your move to a new home!

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One of the best ways to stay organized and on-track is to create a moving folder. In your moving folder, you should ideally include home-buying papers or lease agreements, addresses for your new and old place, moving agreements, forms, and any other important documents that pertain to your move. Keeping these documents together in hard copy form can help keep you organized and ready for anything! Make sure you also have digital copies of each of these documents, too, to be prepared!

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Knowing your budget is an important part of the moving process that you should figure out before you even get started on packing up your home. If you’re interested in working with a moving company, make sure you find a reputable one, like Gorilla Movers, with prices that fit your budget and needs. In addition, knowing your budget will help you better plan out your move and if you can utilize additional services, like packing, loading, or even piano moving.

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Making right and important decisions will help to keep your moving stress-free. Focus on your time and choose the right day to move by making sure you pick a day that’s not too soon and not the last day you have to be in your old home. Hiring a moving company in advance of your move can also help you plan accordingly. If you have a flexible moving schedule, play around with the moving dates so you can choose the easiest or least expensive day to move.

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If you’re struggling with where and how to start packing and getting the move started, prepare yourself a timetable and put a moving task on your schedule. Take your time and figure out everything you need to do for your move, and if you can, divide specific tasks among those who are helping you with your move. The importance of creating a timeline is to make tasks more manageable and so you have a set schedule for yourself during each day of your move.

Prepare for moving day like a pro with these tips and tricks from the moving experts at Gorilla Movers! Learn more about our professional moving services in Wisconsin, our packing services, or even our piano moving services so your moving process is as smooth as possible by contacting us today!